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Natural Stone Curbing

Moroccan Stone edging is perfect for anyone wanting a natural stone look with all the benefits of low maintenance concrete curbing. This bed edging is still made with one continuous strip of concrete, but hand molded after the initial concrete is placed.

This type of curbing allows for much darker and more varied colors than traditional concrete curbing and due to the concrete admixtures we use, it is also significantly stronger with a compressive strength greater than your house slab!  Steel cable is also always provided inside this product ensuring that tree roots, poor drainage or mechanical impact can't split the curb apart.


No two Moroccan Stone trimmed garden beds are ever the same!  We have some general product lines below, but the final product can be a combination of techniques.

Berber Block
Casablanca Cobble
Tangier Slate
Marakesh Marble / Belgian Block
Tennessee River Stone
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